This is Daniel. He is simply just a little boy that was found studying outside in the streets of the Philippines. This photo went viral on the Internet and has sparked the #AkoSiDaniel campaign to raise funds for kids in the Philippines to get quality education.

"‪#‎AkosiDaniel‬. I am Daniel. Kids helping kids. 1.2 million kids are out of school in the Philippines. Children from around the world are joining together to help other children back into their classrooms. The Philippines Foundation will use donated funds to support education programs that increase the quality of education for children. Donate anything you can...as little as $1 and sign the petition." #AkosiDaniel ‪#‎UpForSchool‬ AkosiDaniel.org


FROM FYP-DC SECRETARY PAOLO SIAN: "This cause spoke to me because I once was just a little boy like Daniel in the Philippines studying, and only up until recently that I finally graduated college with a Bachelor's Degree here in the States. Why do I say finally? It's because of the long and arduous journey it took for me to get there. Along with hard work and patience, it took my parent's hard-earned money and eventually my money out of my own pocket, in order for me to graduate. It was then that I realized the value of education and love. Everyone deserves a chance to get a quality education, but kids deserve it the most.

Donate anything you can...as little as $1 to help these kids in the Philippines get the quality education that they need and deserve...Donate, sign the petition at AkosiDaniel.org, or just simply share your own story or post..post a picture with #AkosiDaniel in it and spread the word about this wonderful cause!"


FROM FYP-DC PRESIDENT ABBIE ELLIOTT: "Daniel Cabrera, just nine years old, lives and studies on the streets of Manila. Against the odds, Daniel is fighting hard to get an education. To honor Daniel and more than one million children out of school in the Philippines please sign the petition. To support, go to http://AkoSiDaniel.org/, sign the petition, and take your own selfie and share on social media using#AkoSiDaniel. "