PRESS RELEASE: The Filipino Young Professionals of Washington, DC (FYP-DC) Elects New Executive Board for 2015


WASHINGTON, DC | OCTOBER 31, 2014 – The Filipino Young Professionals of Washington, DC (FYP-DC) is pleased to announce it has elected new officers for 2015. The incoming Executive Board officers include:

Each Officer’s term is for one year and a transition dinner will be held in November 2014 to formally swear these individuals into office.

Over the last two years, the leadership team has worked hard to position the organization as a central hub to the Filipino-American community in Metro DC by connecting college students with young professionals and young professionals with the greater community. There has been a conscious effort to balance both social activities and community building initiatives because the leadership team believes that is the best way to develop a strong, sustainable organization in FYP-DC.

In January 2013, the organization did not have any paid members. But, by the end of this year, paid membership has grown to approximately 120 paid members. This is the most members FYP-DC has had in its 14-year existence. “It has been a tremendous experience seeing the organization transform over the last couple of years. In the beginning, we had to work hard to reach out into the community. But, now, it seems the community knows FYP-DC and they actively come to us when they want to reach out to the next generation of leaders,” says current FYP-DC President, Randy Lizardo, M.D.

Those who were a part of the FYP-DC Executive team and committees have accomplished so much. In October 2013, FYP-DC organized the 1st Filipino-American Community Fair held at the Philippine Embassy. This event successfully connected college student leaders with community leaders in DC to show the diversity that exists within our own community. FYP-DC has been involved with FIND District 6 schools and the annual Merienda with the Ambassador which showcases local Filipino-American trailblazers.

And as part of a focused initiative on collaboration, the organization has worked with dozens of other organizations to share resources and create a bigger community impact. In November 2013, FYP-DC urgently spearheaded a fundraiser with community partners to raise over $4,000 to Feed the Hungry, a charitable organization doing rehabilitation work in typhoon-affected communities in the Philippines. “We have worked with the Philippine Embassy, the Philippine Humanitarian Coalition, US-Philippines Society, KAYA’s Leadership Program, Feed the Hungry, Philippine American Foundation for Charities (PAFC), Philippine Arts & Media Council (PALM), Philippine American Chamber of Commerce, NAAAP-DC, The Esperanza Fund, AA LEAD and many more. It’s important to connect and showcase what others are doing in DC with the hope that it may inspire more Filipino-Americans to get involved with something meaningful,” says Lizardo.

“It’s exciting to see where this next leadership team takes the organization. Our hope is that they continue to create value for the community by engaging with FIND District 6 schools and the greater DC community,” says RJ Diokno, FYP-DC’s current Vice President. “We’re really calling on more Filipino-Americans of our generation and the next to be informed of what’s going on in the community and to contribute when they can,” adds FYP-DC’s Treasurer, Eliot Cashell.

2015 continues to look bright with this next batch of Filipino-American community leaders. Please get engaged with them early to identify potential collaborative projects in the coming year. "FYP-DC is, essentially, the embodiment of who I want to be. I am looking to expand my local network, get more in touch with my Filipino-American heritage and make a contribution to causes that relate to that heritage,” says President-Elect Abbie Elliott. "In order to accomplish my goals and those of FYP, I want to look to our members (and the local community) to drive what programs we should continue to or begin to participate in. Naturally, I believe that this outlook will help to drive FYP-DC membership. This will allow our members to benefit from an ever-expanding network of like-minded, philanthropic Filipino Americans."

The next step for the FYP-DC Executive Board-Elect, is to identify committees and committee chairs. If you or someone you know may be interested in being involved with FYP-DC, please forward this Press Release and kindly ask them to fill out this form:

For further inquiries, contact RJ Diokno at