2013 Filipino-American Community Fair: Saturday, October 5th

Fil-Am Community Fair.jpg

Message to community organization leaders:

The Filipino Young Professionals of Washington, DC (FYP-DC) would like to formally invite you and your organization to participate in a new event this fall focused on building the Filipino-American (Fil-Am) community in the metropolitan DC area. In particular, this event will focus on connecting the local college Fil-Am student organizations with local Fil-Am and Asian Pacific American (APA) organizations.

The event is a “Community Fair.” This fair is much like that of a "Career Fair." However, instead of having companies, we want to introduce the variety of Fil-Am or APA organizations to the local college organizations. At the fair, each community organization will have a table to promote its mission. We will invite all the Executive Boards of the local Fil-Am student college organizations to attend to learn about the different resources they have in and around DC. They can begin to develop connections and see who they might be able to collaborate with throughout the year.

Furthermore, this event gives community organizations an opportunity to network with each other. Having the leaders of our community organizations in one room can lead to meaningful dialogue about what direction or what steps our Fil-Am community needs to take in the coming years. And to facilitate this dialogue, we plan to have a follow up forum for the community organization leaders at a later date.

While community building efforts have been taking place for years in the DC area, we believe this type of event could help spark new ideas and re-energize many of us. Our hope is to begin a more focused collaborative effort to develop a community strategy where we can build up different parts of our community in parallel.

Event Details:

Saturday, October 5th
10:30am - 12:30pm
Romulo Hall | Philippine Embassy | 1600 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20036

Our goal is to have 10-15 organizations attend this event. We currently have commitments from each of the Fil-Am college student organizations from the DC, VA, and MD areas to attend and help promote to their respective memberships. We also have the support of the Philippine Embassy.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form at the link below to register. There will be a registration $50 fee to cover costs (e.g. promotional materials, food, equipment rentals, etc.) with a percentage going to FYP-DC for future Community-related programming.

2013 Fil-Am Community Fair Registration & Fee

 Thanks for your interest and participation in what we believe will help all of our organizations meet our respective missions. If you have any questions, please contact RJ Diokno at rjdiokno@gmail.com or Jamie Garcia at jamielgarcia@gmail.com.