HoverCraft Coming to DC for Demos and Sales via American River Taxi Inc

Filipino-American entrepreneur, Shaun Guevarra, is the owner of American River Taxi in Washington, DC. American River Taxi is the DC Water Taxi that provides true transportation solutions for you on the rivers of Washington. The company is now launching the first Personal Hovercraft in the area for sale and will be launching the first US Commerical Small Passenger Hovercraft shortly after.

Guevarra explains, "This is also our gateway to opening a maritime workforce development center that will provide vocational education and employment to DC while creating a new maritime industry in DC." American River Taxi invites everyone to see the static display and the in-water demonstrations at the Washington Harbour in Georgetown from 2pm-6pm on Sept 14-15.

Please support local Filipino-American entrepreneurs as we work to uplift the profile of our community in the Washington, DC area.

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