Travel the World Without Leaving Home! Host a YFU Exchange Student!

Join a vibrant Youth For Understanding (YFU) community of volunteers, families and international students as a YFU Host Family (nationwide). With more than 60 years of experience, students and families around the world trust YFU because of its reputation for quality, high safety standards, and strong support network. Share your family traditions - welcome an eager international teenager ready to experience American culture, learn about social responsibility, and build interpersonal bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime. As a YFU host family you can make dreams come true for one of this year’s almost 2000 International Students traveling here this summer from 60 countries around the world.

As a YFU Host Family your family will:

·         Gain a global perspective

·         Learn about other cultures

·         Gain a lifetime of memories and most likely a family member for life.

Can't speak another language? No problem, our students speak English and are carefully selected based on academics and recommendations. All kinds of American families make great YFU Host Families, yours will too. Our students are as diverse as our host families and look forward to meeting you. YFU is here to support your family every step-of-the-way - with handbooks, group orientations, trained local volunteers and a dedicated professional support staff. 

Do you know someone who would be a good host family?  If so, you may be interested in YFU’s Loyalty Program: Refer host families and earn prizes! Refer a host family and make dreams come true for an international student waiting to build bonds of friendship. You'll earn 5000 points redeemable toward prizes such as iPads and laptops for each new-to- YFU family you refer who hosts. Reward yourself or donate the points toward a community goal.

Below are a few of the incoming exchange students who are eager to share cultural experiences. YFU has more information on each student to help you select the student who will be the best fit for your family.

Narada, from Thailand
Narada loves her nickname "Air." Air also has been on a summer exchange to Australia and a 2 month exchange to Pittsburgh - which also explains her excellent language skills. On a typical weekend, Air can be found at the mall, at tutor lessons, visiting her grandmother or just spending time with her family. She enjoys taking care of her pets: four dogs, two turtles and goldfish.

Yuki, from Japan.
Yuki loves to play tennis. She also enjoys ping pong, listening to music and cooking. Her teachers describe her delightful, positive and considerate. Yuki volunteers her time for charities. She is part of a group called “G4G” (Girls for Girls). They have fashion shows and donate proceeds to UNICEF. 

Tong, from the Thailand
Tong’s favorite pastime is golf.  He also enjoys jogging with his father and says his mom is a “great cook.”  Tong plays on his school’s golf team, and you can find in hitting balls at the driving range during his spare time.  Tong also plays the violin and guitar.

Shinya, from Japan
Musician, engineer, aspiring cook....these all describe Shin'ya (who goes by "Shin"). Shin is an excellent student who is studying electrical engineering in school. His favorite subject is physics, but he also enjoys humanities classes. He plays the piano in an instrumental band, and the tuba in a brass band. One of Shin's hobbies is cooking simple dishes, and he has been working hard to learn some new recipes to make for his host family!

Hosting a student from abroad will broaden your entire perspective on the world. It's a great educational opportunity for the whole family and a lot of fun, too!  Learn more at, or contact YFU’s local Field Director, Tchi Sogoyou at 240-235-2102, extension 2507. Or via e-mail at