Event: PAFC Philippine Independence Gala Ball

PAFC Gala Ball_June 15.jpeg

The Philippine Independence Gala Ball is one of the highlights of the Philippine Festival to commemorate the 115th anniversary of the Philippine Independence from Spain. The Philippine Festival is a project of the PAFC, a non-profit, non-political, tax exempt organization established in 1997 by the Filipino Americans in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area with the purpose of improving the quality of their lives through charitable, educational and cultural projects.

The occasion, which features Jose Antonio Vargas as the keynote speaker, is this year’s Philippine Independence Day Gala Ball, which has for its theme, “Our Families, Our Communities: Helping Shape America.” It commemorates the declaration of Philippine independence from Spain on June 12, 1898 – an historic event observed by Filipino Americans across the country and by Filipinos all over the world.

Vargas, a 31-year-old award-winning Filipino American journalist who stunned the whole nation when he boldly disclosed his undocumented immigrant status since arriving from the Philippines as a 12-year-old boy, will address the Filipino American community on Saturday, June 15, at JW Marriott Hotel in Washington, DC.

His first-time appearance at a formal gathering of Filipinos and Filipino Americans in the Washington DC metropolitan area is widely heralded in light of the current national debate on immigration reform. Vargas, who was on the cover of Time magazine last year, has called for a national conversation about “this very controversial and misunderstood issue.”   

For more information about the June 15 event and other related activities scheduled during the month, contact Maurese Oteyza Owens, e-mail mpapoose@aol.com or Nanette Carreon at nsuyat1681@aol.com.