College Connection: FCAT of Towson University

This year's showcase features a play with cultural dances, individual performances and a dinner all in one! We are excited to share all of our hard work with you all.

In Tagalog, 'hanapin' means 'to find or discover' and 'pinoy' is slang for a Filipino person. Our story follows Adriana “Adri” Aquino O’Connor, a young 23-year-old mestiza grad student. Since her mother's passing when Adri was young, her father, Michael O’Connor, has been raising her alone. With her mother's side of the family living in the Philippines, Adri has never had the opportunity to discover her Filipino roots. A twist of fate presents a job opportunity at an up-and-coming wireless communications company, TeleConnect, that sends her to the Philippines. To get the job, however, she lies to her boss claiming that she is a “ walking encyclopedia of Filipino culture”. Nervous and doubtful, Adri journeys to her mother's homeland chasing a job but finds herself instead discovering much more.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::EVENT DETAILS:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

This is a FREE EVENT but donations are kindly welcomed and appreciated. All guests will receive ONE RAFFLE TICKET at the door. Each additional ticket is $1.00/each.

::::::::::::::::::::DIRECTIONS & PARKING:::::::::::::::::::::
After exiting from I-695 onto Charles Street, follow the signs to 'Colleges' on the right. Go straight at the light. Make a left at the light onto Towsontown Blvd. Make a right onto Emerson Drive.
Parking in the West Village Garage is free.
Walk up the brick pathway until you come to a circle. Make a right towards the West Village Commons.

Source: FCAT on Facebook