Event: Screening of "Forgotten Soldiers"

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In commemoration of the 71st Anniversary of the Battles of Bataan (April 9) and Corregidor (May 6), the Philippine Arts, Letters & Media Council (PALM), the Philippine Cultural Society (PCS) of GWU, and the Filipino Young Professionals of DC (FYP-DC) invite you to the screening of the award-winning documentary "Forgotten Soldiers" (with the participation of producer/director Donald Plata).

“Early in World War II the President of the United States ordered General Douglas MacArthur to leave 80,000 soldiers behind on Bataan, where they faced one of the worst atrocities in military history - the Bataan Death March. In this award-winning documentary movie narrated by Lou Diamond Phillips, ten survivors describe their gallant stand, their bitter surrender, and their ultimate triumph over the enemy; over photographs, reenactments and actual footage of the events. The Filipino and American soldiers of the "Philippine Scouts" were the backbone of MacArthur's doomed forces, but few Americans today are even aware of this unique segment of the United States Army. They are America's FORGOTTEN SOLDIERS.”

Monday, April 29, 2013 at 6:45pm
The George Washington University
Marvin Center Amphitheater (3rd Floor)
800 21st Street NW | Washington, DC 20052

(light refreshments will be served)

Also showing will be the trailer of the forthcoming documentary: “An Open Door: Jewish Rescue in the Philippines-A Story of Love, Rescue and Brotherhood” by award-winning producer/director Noel “Sonny” Izon.

Open forum follows with producers/directors Sonny Izon & Donald Plata.

*RSVP is required. Please submit your RSVP by going to our RSVP Page.