Program: Filipino-American Youth Leadership Program

Philippine Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. is pleased to announce the search for the second batch of outstanding young Filipino Americans (aged 18 to 40), who will be tapped as future leaders of their Filipino-American communities and advocacies. The involvement of these emerging leaders in the Filipino-American community is expected to further add vibrancy and dynamism to the development of the Philippines and to the Filipino-American community in the United States.

The second Filipino American Youth Leadership Program or FYLPro (known last year by the acronym “FAYLP”) will build on the success of the first-ever program held from July 13 to 16, 2012.  Last year’s program yielded a remarkable batch of young Filipino-Americans who continue to embark on different advocacies to help promote further progress in the Philippines and to further engage the multi-faceted Filipino-American community.  The first batch of delegates have gone to undertake, among others, political advocacy initiatives, cultural and tourism promotion programs, social entrepreneurship activities, education innovations, Filipino-American heritage projects, voter awareness and education, and have even launched political campaigns of their own.

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Source: Embassy of the Philippines FAYLPro