College Connection: PCS at George Washington University (Recap)

The George Washington University Philippine Cultural Society presents Tandaan XIII: Voiceless, the thirteenth installment of our annual Culture Show. Inspired by real events, Tandaan XIII follows the theme of "kababayan" which translates to fellow countrymen or compatriots.

A story written by Cultural Coordinators Maxine Tagay and Suty Komsonkeo, "Voiceless" centers around a modern day, immigrant Filipina nurse who tries to succeed in America while balancing love, work, and life. Banding together with her fellow Filipino nurses, she takes on the hospital administration and battles her way through discriminatory hospital rules.

Tandaan XIII: Voiceless captures glimpse of modern Philippine & Philippine-American issues with a breathtaking full scripted play and awe-inspiring cultural dances. In addition, Filipino food and refreshments will be served.

Tickets can be purchased through their website here:

Source: PCS at GWU Facebook Page